Friday, December 15, 2006

Ok, I have been reading Paul Graham. Man, this guy has some great thoughts laid out in well written essays. Here are a few of my favorite nuggets:
I once claimed that nerds were unpopular in secondary school mainly because they had better things to do than work full-time at being popular.
Man, is that ever a better explanation than nobody likes you! Or how he recommends fighting corruption:
Like all illicit connections, the connection between wealth and power flourishes in secret. Expose all transactions, and you will greatly reduce it. Log everything. That's a strategy that already seems to be working, and it doesn't have the side effect of making your whole country poor.
Its like log4j only for government! Brilliant! Or how about turning the whole immigration issue on its head like this:
American immigration policy keeps out most smart people, and channels the rest into unproductive jobs. It would be easy to do better. Imagine if, instead, you treated immigration like recruiting-- if you made a conscious effort to seek out the smartest people and get them to come to your country.
Recruiting the best and brightest, just like football, only for nerds!

Definitely spend some time reading these essays you will be glad you did!