Sunday, July 27, 2008

My mind is out to get me

Maybe I am overly paranoid, but I think my mind is out to get me. Often times, I am woken up at night by my "I have to pee" agent of my mind. It gets me stumbling downstairs, only to realize, I didn't really have to go. Then it comes to light that I am actually really thirsty. Apparently I ignore my "gotta go" agent less than my "your thirsty" system, probably due to the consequences of ignoring each.

Do agents of your mind lie, cheat, and steal to get you (your agents actually) to do their bidding? Did my "thirsty" agent abuse my "gotta go" agent to do its bidding? Is your subconscious mind a scheduler that relies on agents telling the truth? If your agents start lying to your subconscious to affect behavior, who can you trust? Excuse me while I go lie down for a while, the world just got a little scarier for me.